Hockey: HGC too good for Hounslow: Bill Colwill sees defeats for English men and women in the European Cup-Winners' finals

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Hounslow. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0

HGC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

HGC, the Dutch champions from Wassenaar, retained their European Cup-Winners' Cup men's title in Birmingham yesterday, beating the English champions, Hounslow, in a repeat of last year's final. It was their third successive victory over Hounslow in European competition.

The Dutch set off at a cracking pace, taking the lead in the third minute from their first penalty corner. Although Jason Barrow made four successive saves he was unable to clear his lines with Jan-Willam Neuberg eventually claiming the goal.

Hounslow were seldom in the hunt with the Dutch going further ahead from their second penalty corner, Delissen converting.

Although the Dutch conceded five penalty corners before the interval Hounslow were unable to break through and were to go further behind on the stroke of half-time. Stephen Veen tore down the right, his cross jabbed on by Robbert Delissen to Dirk Loots for number three.

The slick Dutch continued to torment the ponderous Hounslow who, when they did attack, were quickly closed down by the Dutch defence.

Hounslow: J Barrow; M Williamson, S Hobson, P Bolland, G Swayne; D Hacker (capt), J Potter, J Rees; N Gordon, R Thompson, R Crutchley. Substitutes used: S Hankins and P Nicholls.

HGC: B Looye; R Slotema; M Kaptein, J-W Neuberg, M Veen; H-W Dicke, M Delissen (capt), D Loots; S Veen, R Delissen, E Cornelissen. Substitutes used: C Daniels and A Troe.

Umpires: M Gallivan (Wales) and F Caballero (Spain).