Hockey: Ireland suffer second defeat in consecutive days

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Ireland's hopes of reaching the finals of the men's World Cup are virtually over after they suffered their second defeat in consecutive days at the qualifiers in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. They followed Tuesday's 2-1 defeat to Belgium by losing 3-1 to South Korea, for whom Song Seong Tae scored a hat-trick. Lisnagarvey's Julian Stevenson netted Ireland's solitary strike eight minutes from time to cut the Koreans' lead to 2-1.

WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS (Kuala Lumpur): Pool A: Switzerland 1 Spain 4, Canada 5 South Africa 4. Pool B: New Zealand 2 Belarus 0, Ireland 1 South Korea 3.

BRITISH AEROSPACE SCHOOLS U-16 CHAMPIONSHIP (Milton Keynes National Stadium): Queen's Wood School, Hatfield 4 Arnold School Blackpool 2; Dame Alice Harpur School 0 Henry Cort School 0; Arnold School 0 Gordano School 1; Henry Cort 0 Queen's Wood 1; Gordano 0 Dame Alice Harpur 0; Henry Cort 1 Arnold 0; Queen's Wood 0 Gordano 4; Arnold 1 Dame Alice Harpur 0; Gordano 2 Henry Cort 0; Dame Alice Harpur 0 Queen's Wood 1. Final placings: 1 Gordano 10pts; 2 Queen's Wood 9; 3 Henry Cort 4; 4 Arnold 3; 5 Dame Alice Harpur 2.