Hockey: S Africans surprise Australia

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ALTHOUGH ENGLAND were not directly involved in games in the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, there was plenty of English interest in the first major upset of the men's competition. South Africa, who had never beaten Australia before, beat the favourites for the gold medal 3-2 in a game well umpired by England's Keith Roper.

England's interest did not stop there. The South African goals were scored by players who featured in the English National League last season, the first falling to Greg Nicol (Surbiton), the second to Murray Anderson (St Albans) and the third to Justine King (Chelmsford).

Earlier in the day both countries has accused the Games organisers of arranging the fixtures to aid the host country's team. This was denied by the secretary of the Malaysian organising committee.

The English theme was continued in the Wales versus India game when the Indian captain, Dhanraj Pillay, who used to play for Indian Gymkana, opened the scoring in the sixth minute as his team went on to beat Wales 6-3 in a game in which Wales fought hard to hold the Asians. Simon Organ converted two penalty corner goals with his third attempt providing his captain David Hacker with a follow-up.

In the women's competition, Scotland won their third match 2-1 against Trinidad and Tobago, keeping their semi-final hopes alive. They are three points behind the leaders, Australia and India, who both won their games yesterday and play each other tomorrow.

Scotland exerted endless pressure and, after several missed chances, their captain, Pauline Robertson, opened the scoring in the eighth minute with a clean shot from the edge of the circle.

Against the run of play Trinidad and Tobago won the only penalty corner of the half and Nicole Dixon converted. Within four minutes Scotland were in the lead again through Rhona Simpson. Scotland won 10 penalty corners in the second half, but failed to add to their tally.