Hockey: Southgate's penalty triumph

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SOUTHGATE TOOK their first National Indoor title last night at Crystal Palace but it required a penalty shoot-out. They won it 3-2 after a 5-5 draw to deny Old Loughtonians their third title. Southgate's German international captain, Eiko Rott, masterminded their victory and was named man of the tournament.

In a cat and mouse first half, which ended 3-3 both sides showed touches of brilliance and nerves. Paul Dover gave the Old Boys a third-minute lead, then two goals from Rott put Southgate ahead but Ian Jennings equalised. Rott then set up Adrian Simons to restore Southgate's lead but a careless clearance by goalkeeper Giles Cadman on the interval conceded a corner from which Nick Thompson equalised.

In the second half Simons put Southgate back in the lead before Cadman saved a penalty stroke from Ian Jennings and followed up with a brilliant low stick save at a penalty corner. Nevertheless Old Loughtonians equalised with four seconds remaining.

Southgate had battled to the final. They beat East Grinstead 8-7 when Todd Williams converted the winner following a suspect corner in overtime, but then they brushed aside Reading, the defending champions, 5-2.

Old Loughtonians made a hesitant start in their 10-6 win against Barford Tigers, taking command only when Chris Gladman, 37, scored within seconds of coming on and then completed a hat-trick. After that they coasted past Hull 11-4.