Hockey: Walker applies the crisp finish

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Joanne Walker, Worcester Norton's 17-year-old front-runner, will long remember the goal she scored for Midlands in their 4-1 win against the North in the Women's Under-21 Territorial. Receiving a long through ball from the back she worked her way behind the North defence to score with a reverse sweep over the goalkeeper into the roof of the net at the Milton Keynes National Stadium yesterday.

The Midlands had gone behind to a Cher Heckle goal after 12 minutes but as North tired (they had beaten South 4-1 earlier in the day) a Sally Wright penalty corner gave Midlands the equaliser from which they never looked back.

The North, after leading 1-0 at the interval against South, dominated the second half although South's goal, set up by Julie Abbott and scored by Jo Cox, was something special.

East, the defending champions, could only manage a 1-1 draw with West although they appeared to be robbed of a good second goal from Liz Aldus with 53 seconds remaining. The umpire ruled that the strike had been from outside the circle.