How a dream was realised blow by blow

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R1 McCall smiles but Bruno dominates and catches McCall with an overarm right which causes swelling under the champion's right eye.

2 McCall keeps on smiling, and Bruno keeps on hitting him. Bruno half lands a short left hook, and McCall's responds with solid jab. Bruno tees off with a left once more but McCall rides the punch before the two clinch in the centre of the ring.

3 McCall stops smiling, but Bruno retains control, although the champion denies him many opportunities to land heavy blows. Bruno lands a heavy right uppercut and then flicks out lefts repeatedly but all his jabs fall short. Bruno not quite so authoritative, but McCall not troubling him unduly.

4 McCall's left eye looking slightly worse. McCall short and wide with a right, before landing four jabs and a left hook. Bruno jolts the champion's head back with his best jab since the opening round. Better round for McCall. Bruno returns to the corner with blood on his bottom lip.

5 Bruno on target with a right but his effort is losing edge. Misses with big left; corner implore him to use the jab. McCall's best round.

6 McCall tries to step up the pace, Bruno foils him by holding. Bruno thumps in a close-quarter left uppercut, his best effort for a couple of rounds. McCall tries to copy, but not with same impact.

7 McCall lands a sharp right off the wrong foot but Bruno shades the round to build a two-round lead.

8 Bruno once more paws out the left, trying to bang home his favourite right hand. McCall keeps coming forward to seize the initiative, but lands nothing serious. Bruno momentarily switches to southpaw.

9 Bruno targets McCall's body, then sees a good straight left bounce off. Bruno on target with another right.

10 Bruno jabs incisively before running into a big straight left. Bruno throws a right uppercut, but both men are tiring and the referee has to break up long periods of holding.

11 Bruno lands several heavy blows in the first half, then McCall connects with three clean shots and Bruno is happy to hold.

12 McCall comes hurtling out, trying to find the big punch to retain his title. Bruno gets trapped on the ropes, tries to jab his way out, and is happy to hold on until final bell.