Hussain: `I've never been one to get too nervous about leading a side in the field'

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Nasser Hussain, the acting England captain, believes his team have plenty to learn despite the ease of their six-wicket triumph in Auckland.

Of the debateable decision by the New Zealand captain, Lee Germon, to ignore a local weather forecast and opt to bat first, Hussain said: "We would not have batted first had I won the toss, mainly because of that weather forecast. The rules for this series are very similar to those that apply in domestic one-dayers at home, so you always have a bowl. But there was also a bit of damp in the pitch and the humidity meant the ball was always going to swing around a bit.

"Bowling at the start of the innings is something we have to work hard on. These white balls do swing quite a lot, but a good time to analyse your own performances is when you are winning. We have practised with them but perhaps our bowlers have got to hold them across the seam now, anything to control the amount of swing.

"We have now won four international games in a row, so we must sit down tomorrow and have a chat about where we want to improve.

"The good things were the displays put in by Nick Knight, Ronnie Irani and Robert Croft but there is plenty to work on - we gave away a few too many twos, for instance, and there were a couple of overthrows."

Of his unexpected experience of England captaincy, he said: "I enjoyed myself hugely. My ambition has always been just to play for England, and I've never been one to get too nervous about leading a side in the field. At this level everyone knows what their jobs are. I think the key thing at the moment is confidence. When you are winning things tend to go your way."