Ice Hockey: Hand makes mark for Racers

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BRITISH players who are likely to be in the squad to face Russia at the World Championships in April, in Italy, had a chance to hone their skills in the Premier Division at the weekend, writes Steve Pinder.

Tony Hand and Moray Hanson, of Murrayfield Racers, helped their side to another four home points, home again being the Edinburgh rink. The club had planned to move to the Livingston rink, where the rent would be cheaper, but after a meeting between the British Ice Hockey Association, the club and the rink owners, Racers will fulfil this season's fixtures at Murrayfield.

In their first match against Whitley Warriors, Hanson faced just nine shots but Hand scored twice and had four assists in the 15-1 win, the shut-out broken by Martin King, who scrambled a goal past Gary Hutchinson, Hanson's replacement.