Ice Hockey: Steelers' Wynne hit by virus

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TEEDER WYNNE, of the Sheffield Steelers, is to undergo stringent medical tests after contracting an unknown virus following the team's recent trip to Russia. Doctors have become increasingly concerned at the rapid deterioration in the health of the forward, whom the team manager, Dave Simms, has described as being "as weak as a kitten".

More than 60 per cent of the official party who travelled to the Siberian city of Omsk earlier this month for their Continental Cup group matches complained about sore throats, swollen glands and lethargy more than a week after returning.

While many - including Simms and the coach, Don McKee - are now recovering with the aid of antibiotics, Wynne and the defenceman Kayle Short were badly affected.

However, while a short stay in hospital has aided Short, who is now back in training, Simms said that Wynne's condition had deteriorated.

"He developed the virus about seven to 10 days ago and at first doctors thought he was suffering from glandular fever or tonsillitis," he said. "But tests ruled out both those possibilities and it was hoped that a course of antibiotics would simply clear up the problem, but he has steadily become worse. Doctors are now preparing to run further tests for 25 possible illnesses, the worst of which I believe is diphtheria."

Which means Wynne is unlikely to play for at least a month while he recovers and Short is doubtful for tomorrow's visit of Newcastle Cobras.