Italians set to finish job

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The waiting game that has been the 1995 Fastnet Race was in its last stages yesterday evening as the Champagne Mumm Admiral's Cup fleet made its way into Plymouth, with the Italians still threatening to snatch the prize from the United States, writes Stuart Alexander.

The saving grace for Britain was the continued top placing of its generously- handicapped big boat, Group 4 Seahorse. They, like the 40-footer Group 4 Astro, had cut the crew by two for what was always expected to be a light airs test of endurance, but the 40-footer was a long way last in its class, a position shared with the Mumm 36, Group 4.

The American class one boat, Blue Yankee, which has been struggling throughout, had lifted two places to sixth, two behind its Italian rival, Capricorno. The battle between BravaQ8 and David Clarke's Pigs in Space had the Italians leading by an estimated 10 minutes, but the clincher was the 36ft Mumm a Mia! holding a four-place lead over America's No Problem as Corum joined Sansui Sprinter and Jameson III between the Italian and the American.