J UDGEMEN T S; Winners and losers of the last seven days

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Gareth Southgate

Public dignity in the midst of personal despair simply confirmed the impression he had given throughout Euro 96 - that here is a talent for England to build around.

Matthias Sammer


Paul Gascoigne

Whose ability to share a joke during the penalty shoot-out between Germany and England put the whole thing in its proper context.

Rupert Murdoch

Whose Sky TV will be the real winner if the surge in interest in football is carried through to the domestic season.


Andreas Moller

Foolish loss of temper when Stuart Pearce offered a helping hand cost him his place in the European Championship final.

Jimmy Hill

Unlistenable-to twaddle after the penalty shoot-out must have caused millions of people to throw things at their TVs.

Aime Jacquet

Decision by French coach to leave out Cantona and Ginola. left him open to savaging from "I told you so" critics.

England fans

Despite the victory-out-of-defeat attitude we still lost.