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Q: Anne Hayden played table tennis for England in the Fifties and as Anne Jones won Wimbledon in 1969. Has any sportsman or woman changed sports and had even greater success?

A: There have, of course, been numerous instances of former rugby union players excelling at rugby league, but there is at least one case of a highly successful transfer from professional football to rugby league.

Stuart Wright, who was capped seven times by both England and Great Britain in the 13-man code, moved directly from Chester AFC (now Chester City) to Wigan RLFC in the early Seventies. A subsequent transfer to Widnes resulted in his winning: one championship, three Challenge Cups, one Premiership, one John Player Trophy, one BBC2 Floodlit Trophy and two Lancashire Cup medals. He topped the domestic try-scoring charts in 1976-77 and 1977- 78, and appeared for the Great Britain side which lost 12-13 to Australia in the 1977 World Cup final. - Michael Wray, Birkenhead

A: Mildred "Babe" Zaharias takes some beating. Born Mildred Didrikson in 1911, she won gold medals for the 80m hurdles and javelin at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics, plus a silver in the high jump. She went on from this to be an All-American basketball player for three years.

Switching to golf, she won the US women's amateur title in 1946 and the US women's Open for a then record three times - 1948, 1950 and 1954. - Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

Q: In Formula One motor racing, what is meant by the terms "oversteer" and "understeer"?

A: In Formula One motor racing, as in other forms of motor racing, oversteer is the condition whereby the back of a car slides towards the outside of a corner quicker than expected.

Conversely, understeer is the condition where the front of a car slides towards the inside of a corner quicker than anticipated.

An infamous example of the former came three years ago when Nigel Mansell crashed into the wall of the Phoenix Oval. - Arif Ellam, London N3

Q: Now that three substitutes are allowed in league football, has a substitute ever come on for a substitute and then been himself substituted?

A: Martin Williams of Reading FC came on as substitute for Michael Thorp and was himself then substituted by Dylan Kerr in the Coca-Cola Cup second round, first leg match against West Bromwich Albion on Wednesday 20 September. Mr Williams did not appear to be injured when substituted. - Nick Magyar, Blackheath


Q: I have heard, or read, that in the 1930s speedway riders were the highest paid sportsmen - on a weekly basis - in the United Kingdom. Is this correct? - Kevin Maguire, Batley

Q: On Saturday 6 April there were just three score draws on the 58-match pools coupon and three no-score draws. Is this some kind of record? - Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby.

Q: England's rugby union clubs want all the revenue from competitions they play in. Does this happen in any other sport, and what is the most money that clubs in any sport make from television rights? - Len Ormondroyd, Oldham

Q: Who is at present the highest paid sportsperson in the USA? - Chris Toms, Shrewsbury

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