Jansher's five in a row

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Jansher Khan, of Pakistan, overcame Rodney Eyles' quick start to clinch his fifth successive British Open title in emphatic fashion at Cardiff.

Eyles, the Australian seeded second, made an impact in the opening stages of yesterday's final, as he tried to keep the pressure on Jansher, but once the top seed had taken the first game, he was never in trouble. He won 15-13, 15-8, 15-10 in 50 minutes.

Eyles demanded the referee's backing for access to the top corners and won a series of early penalty strokes from the appeal referee. Jansher is often accused of blocking in those corners, but the 26-year-old later retorted: "I don't block. The squash court is a small area and sometimes you must show the referee how you would have got the ball to get a let. It's just part of the game."