Jud Smith wins his third Hackett World Championship race

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America's Jud Smith won his second consecutive race and the third of the Hackett World Championship for the Etchells yesterday.

HACKETT ETCHELLS 22 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (Cowes): Race Three: 1 J Smith (US); 2 A Gosling (GB); 3 N Geaves (GB). Overall: 1 Smith 16pts; 2 A Gosling (GB) 27; 3 P Conde (Aus), 31.7; 4 Geaves 33.7; 5 D Gundy (US) 35; 6 J McPhail (Aus) 43.

WATERFORD CRYSTAL SQUIB NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Howth): 1 Arctic Fox (S Brewer); 2 Inky Finger (I Keely); 3 Too Dee (R O'Tigernaigh); 4 Moonstone (M Blackburn); 5 Free Trader (R Batt); 6 Perfection (J Tubby).