Judge insists Tyson fights Lewis next

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Lennox Lewis's hopes of fighting Mike Tyson for the World Boxing Council heavyweight championship received a significant boost with a New Jersey judge's confirmation that Tyson must meet Lewis before anyone else.

Superior Court Judge Amos Saunders turned down a request from the World Boxing Association champion, Bruce Seldon, to allow him to fight Tyson in a unification contest in July, and in so doing reaffirmed his injunction of 15 March preventing Tyson from fighting anyone but Lewis.

"I would think Don King will be getting in touch with us very quickly," Frank Maloney, Lewis' manager, said.

Lewis, who is training for a non-title fight on Friday against Ray Mercer, and Maloney insist there will be no deal with King to allow Tyson to fight Seldon first.

"I would not advise Lennox Lewis to step aside or make a deal with Don King unless it is Mike Tyson coming out of the other corner," Maloney said.

"By me stepping aside, they may come up with some plan of an attack that may cause me not to be able to face Mike Tyson in the ring," Lewis said. "I would love to take this out of the courtroom and into the ring. It is quite clear Tyson is deathly afraid of Lennox Lewis."