Judo: Howey's silver consolation: World title eludes Briton after late lapse

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KATE HOWEY, at light-heavyweight, brought Britain a superb start in the World Championships yesterday, winning a silver medal and coming within six seconds of taking the gold, writes Philip Nicksan from Hamilton, Canada.

But as so often happens, a small mistake cost her the title in a tense tussle with Leng Chunhui, of China. Ahead by three points from morote-gari (double leg reap) midway through the final, Howey found herself under siege. In the dying seconds her guard dropped and Leng whipped her over on to her side with uchimata (inner thigh throw) for five points to snatch the title. Howey, 20, a former world junior champion, was mature in her response. 'I have time on my side,' she smiled. 'I have only been at this weight category for a year and I know I will get there in the end.'

One of Britain's former world champions, the 29-year- old light middleweight, Diane Bell, fought her way through to the semi-final yesterday.