Judy Oakes to make a record 73rd appearance for Britain

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Judy Oakes, the 37-year-old Croydon shot-putter, will make a record 73rd appearance for Britain in the indoor match against Russia in Birmingham on 27 January.

British sprinters Linford Christie and Allan Wells are among 10 Olympic 100 metres champions to be honoured next month at the Jesse Owens International Trophy award banquet in New York.

GREAT BRITAIN TEAM (v Russia, the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, 27 January): Men: 60m: M Rosswess (Birchfield); J Gardener (Bath). 200m: S Wariso (Haringey); D Turner (Cardiff). 400m: G Bullock (Wigan); M Hylton (Windsor). 800m: E King (Ballymena); A Hart (Coventry). 1500m: A Whiteman (GEC); I Gillespie (Birchfield). 3000m: J Mayock (Cannock), N Caddy (Newquay). 60m hurdles: N Owen (Belgrave), B Taylor (Old Gaytonians). 4x400m relay: (from) Bullock, Hylton, Wariso, A Patrick (Windsor), K Ulyatt (Norfolk Olym), P Slythe (GEC). High jump: D Grant (Haringey), S Smith (Liverpool). Long jump: S Phillips (Birchfield), C Howard (Newham). Triple jump: F Agyepong (Shaftesbury); T Fasinro (Haringey). Pole vault: N Buckfield (Crawley), M Belsham (Sale). Shot: M Proctor (Newham), S Pickering (Haringey). Women: 60m: S Douglas (Sale), M Richardson (Windsor). 200m: C Murphy (Shaftesbury), M Neef (Glasgow). 400m: S Llewellyn (Shaftesbury), L Owusu (Windsor). 800m: N Tait (Windsor), A Davies (Basingstoke). 1500m: A Griffiths (Sale), D Gunning (Andover). 3000m: S McGeorge (Brighton), S Bentley (Birchfield). 60m hurdles: J Agyepong (Shaftesbury), C Court (Birchfield). 4x400m relay (from): Llewellyn, Neef, Owusu, A Curbishley (Edinburgh WM), E Sutcliffe (Wakefield), D Fraser (Croydon). High jump: D Marti (Bromley), M Dunkley (Kettering). Long jump: D Lewis (Birchfield), A Brooks (Hull). Triple jump: M Griffith (Windsor), S Anderson (Shaftesbury). Pole vault: L Stanton (Rotherham), K Staples (Essex). Shot: J Oakes (Croydon), M Lynes (Essex).