Kerly joins Richmond's cause

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Sean Kerly, a member of Britain's Olympic gold medal team in Seoul, and a player who has probably come nearer than anyone else in the sport to becoming a household name, will return to the National League when it restarts at the end of the month - in Richmond's colours, writes Bill Colwill.

The prolific goalscorer, 36 this month, made his last National League appearance in March 1993 for Canterbury, where his nine goals helped to fend off relegation. Richmond are struggling, just one place off the bottom of the Second Division, and Kerly will team up with his fellow gold medallist, Steve Batchelor. Kerly said yesterday: "It's great fun to be playing with Steve again. We are both a bit slower than when we were in Seoul but still have something to offer."

Kerly's 26 goals while playercoach of Bournemouth last season helped win them promotion to the Premier Division of the Nastro Azzurro South League.

Olton, one place below Richmond, have signed the New Zealander, Hymie Gill, but are unlikely to be able to field South Africa's captain, Wayne Graham, who signed for them at the start of the season, because of his business commitments.