Kingston and Telford pay the penalty

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Mark Pallister, a cousin of the Manchester United and England central defender Gary, has been banned and fined for his part in a mass punch- up which halted a SuperLeague match after 13 minutes last weekend. He was suspended for five games and fined pounds 150 for fighting as the British Ice Hockey Association dealt with the culprits from both Kingston Hawks and Telford Tigers.

The police were called to the rink in Hull last Saturday to quell the violence. The biggest punishment went to the Kingston coach, Keith Millhench, who was suspended for 10 games, fined pounds 100 and given a final warning. The Telford coach, Dave Graham, was suspended for two games, fined pounds 100 and warned for his failure to control his players.

The Kingston player Norman Pinnington was banned for 10 games and fined pounds 200 after he became involved in fighting during the pre-game warm-up and 21 seconds into the match, which was abandoned with the scores level at 2-2. Kingston's Bobby McEwan was suspended for six games and fined pounds 75 after he headbutted an opponent, his team-mate Joe Watkins was suspended for three games and fined pounds 50 after he used his blocker during the brawl.

The BIHA has ordered the game to be replayed and has fined the clubs a total of pounds 1,700.