Kluivert 'free to play'

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The prosecutor seeking a nine-month jail term for Patrick Kluivert has said he would settle for community service at the Ajax striker's trial for vehicular homicide.

Kluivert, 19, was accused of going twice the speed limit just before the BMW he was driving ploughed into another car, killing its driver and injuring the victim's wife. Kluivert did not enter a plea and has admitted being the driver of the car but denied driving as fast as the prosecutor claimed.

Three months of the sentence sought by Anton Schotman would be suspended and Kluivert would be banned from driving for two years if found guilty.

Schotman added that if Kluivert wished, he could perform 240 hours of community service instead of going to jail.

A community service order would leave Kluivert free to play in the European Cup final on 22 May for the defending champions against Juventus and for the Netherlands in Euro 96 which starts in June in England.

The three-judge panel will rule on the case on 14 May.