LeBron's summer camp dunk: world's most-watched sports videos

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LeBron James shows what it takes to win a summer camp competition in YouTube's most watched sports videos for the week ending July 5, knocking a younger player flat in the process - but it was all taken in good jest.

Also on YouTube, Juan Martin del Potro provides some light relief for the tennis crowd at Wimbeldon, and the celebrated Cirque du Soleil get a San Diego Padres game off to an acrobatic start.

Viewers of China's Tudou watched coverage from the Bikini Basketball League, as well as the LeBron training camp dunk and a ballad set to the Slam Dunk anime.

Video service Nicovideo hosted popular clips of Japanese sportsmen - Seattle Mariners star Ichiro Suzuki and the Under 17s soccer side - as well as a baseball-themed makeover for the Miku Miku Dance craze.

Top spot on Dailymotion is a Filipino celebrity news round-up, featuring TV star Andi Eigenmann, Pilipinas Got Talent, actor-director Ricky Rivero, and brothers Rap and Renz Fernandez.

NBA Draft first pick Kyrie Irving is in second, and in third place the Philippines beat Sri Lanka to progress in qualifying for the FIFA World Cup.

YouTube's most watched sports videos of the week (total views)
1) Lebron James dunks on a summer camp kid 2011 (3,259,381)
2) Del Potro teases boy with his ball / Wimbledon 2011 (1,546,196)
3) Cirque du Soleil First Pitch (1,323,322)

Tudou's most watched sports videos of the week
1) Bikini Basketball League game of the week (149,973)
2) LeBron dunks on a kid (63,765)
3) Slam Dunk anime ballad (56,524)

Nicovideo's most watched sports videos of the week ( requires free registration)
1) Ichiro on form MLB Seattle Mariners (174,344)
2) Japan vs New Zealand FIFA U17 World Cup (67,449)
3) Miku Miku Dance, baseball version (58,313)

Dailymotion's most watched sports videos of the week
1) Andi Eigenmann: The Big Turning Point on SNN (42,712)
2) Cavs pick Irving No.1 overall (74,911)
3) Philippines vs Sri Lanka 4-0 2014 World Cup Qualifier (29,685)