Letter : Absentee landlord

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From Mr Dominic Rayner

Sir: Uefa should allow the European Championships to proceed as planned, but on condition the FA must agree to a Uefa ban on England playing in the tournament, rendering England a nominal host.

Through acting in this capacity, England will punish offenders of the game and, in demonstrating humility, may atone for the sordid reputation it has cultured and regain respect and credibility on an international level. After all, it is not just England's reputation in football that is at stake but the nation's image.

Any counter-argument that to ban England from the Championships would result in a loss of revenue is a greed argument and misses the point. This is England's loss and the tournament should not suffer because of it. As in 1992, when Yugoslavia were replaced, the best team that fails to qualify should replace England.

Yours faithfully,