Letter: Boxing's valuable lessons for life

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Boxing's valuable lessons for life

From: Mr D H Willis

Sir: I was a little surprised and saddened to read your Chief Sports writer Ken Jones' piece "The horror that stalks my enduring passion". It seems that even the most uncompromising sporting scribes are dawdling down the path of political correctness.

Boxing fans should become much more assertive and self-confident in defence of their sport. A campaign should be launched by the British Board of Boxing Control to emphasise boxing's many positive qualities. Boxers are highly trained, immensely skilful athletes whose quickness of reflex, fleetness of foot and crude raw courage is probably unmatched by any other sporting activity. At its best it is almost magical to behold. Boxing teaches self-discipline and self-control. It ingrains the boxer with a valuable and praiseworthy self-esteem so manifestly missing from so many of today's young people.

It is also dangerous like coal mining and descaling power stations are dangerous.

Let boxing's many supporters speak out with a clear and confident voice. There are forces at work who would ban it. They know nothing of boxing and boxing people.



Director, National Sporting Club


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