Letter: Shame on them

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Sir: Steve Bale is too diplomatic ('Dooley snubs Home Unions' tame offer', 18 June). Bob Weighill and his colleagues should either resign or be dismissed. The Home Unions' decision not to allow Wade Dooley to rejoin the Lions' tour is a slur on the reputation of rugby and an absolute disgrace. These are the people who do not cease to tell us about the glory of the amateur game, the spirit in which it is played and the fraternity between rugby players the world over.

Clearly this is something they recognise in New Zealand, if Eddie Tonks' views are anything to go by. What the Home Unions have done beggars belief. Because it would cause a precedent? Good grief. And what is wrong with a precedent that, if you suffer a bereavement while on tour, you can rejoin the party after the funeral whether or not you have been replaced? I felt sick when I heard about this. If Mr Weighill and his cronies ever talk about the great family of rugby again I shall be sick. They should resign for the good of rugby and British sport. Shame on them.

Yours faithfully,



18 June