Letter: Sour grapes

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Sir: Mr Pearce (Sports Letters, 18 February) argues that 'the history books' had been rewritten by inept refereeing during the Wales v England international at Cardiff. I assume he refers specifically to the controversial decision to refuse Dewi Morris a try. Many respected commentators have voiced an opinon about the incident, by no means all advocating that a try should have been awarded. My own opinion is that Morris appeared to 'knock-on' when trying to gather the ball at the outset of his run and then, after grounding the ball short of the line, pushed the ball forward, registering another knock-on. To imply that allowing a try would have meant an England victory is presumptuous. Wales played the second half defending a lead, had they needed to chase the game, there is no way of knowing which side would have won. To solely blame a referee's perceived ineptitude is unfair, when Mr Pearce could have chosen Underwood's slackness, Carling's fumbling, Webb's inaccuracy or Andrew's inflexibility as contributory factors.

Yours faithfully


Port Talbot

West Glamorgan

18 February