Light of heart and light of wallet

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England might have finished the fourth Test match light of heart yesterday, but they also came away a little lighter in the wallet. Chris Lewis was fined £650 for poor behaviour, the entire side had to forfeit £350 each for a laggardly over-rate,and Mich-ael Atherton was reprimanded for breaching the game's etiquette, writes Martin Johnson. The International Cricket Council's match referee, John Reid, has had a quiet series so far, but the New Zealander had plenty of paperwork to fill in yesterday, starting with Lewis breaching the ICC code of conduct clause of "conduct unbecoming to an opponent".

After Lewis had Craig McDermott caught behind to capture Australia's eighth wicket, he waved his right arm several times to issue McDermott with gratuitous instructions on the way back to the dressing-room. This used to be a regular sight in modern Test cricket, but is now specifically outlawed under current regulations.

Lewis was also fined -along with the other England players - 15 per cent of his match fee for failing to maintain the 15 per hour over-rate, and Atherton's reprimand was a direct consequence of his presiding over England's deliberate tactic of slowing the game down when Australia's batsmen were getting on top during Saturday's play.

Atherton was cited under the clause requiring captains to be "responsible at all times for play to be conducted within the spirit of the game, as well as within its laws."

Reid told Atherton on Sunday that he considered England's over-rate the previous day to have been outside the spirit of the game, although he stopped short of fining the England captain.

Atherton's performance on Saturday was a good deal more negative than yesterday, when he instructed his players not to worry about losing in an effort to win. "We might just as well have gone to Perth 3-0 down as 2-0 down, and a draw was no good to us inour effort to square the series.

"No one gave us much of a hope before the game, but we set out to be aggressive, and I would like to thank all our players personally for the way they got stuck in. We have not had much luck with illness and injury, but sometimes adversity brings the best out of people."

The Australian captain, Mark Taylor, said that England had deserved to win for playing "good, positive cricket from the first ball of the final day's play." However, he conceded that many of Australia's top batsmen had got themselves out to poor shots because Australia had also set out attempting to score 263 in 67 overs to win.

Easily the most chivalrous Australian captain of recent times, Taylor added: "fair play to them, they have actually played better cricket than we have since Christmas."

Australia have made two changes, one enforced, to their squad for the fifth and final Test starting in Perth on Friday. With only one spinner required for Perth's bouncy surface, Peter McIntyre is dropped, and Damien Fleming is out with a hamstring injury. They are replaced by two bowlers from Western Australia - which will also increase ticket sales - Jo Angel and Brendon Julian.

(Final day: England won toss)

England - First Innings 353 (M W Gatting 117, M A Atherton 80).

AUSTRALIA- First Innings 419 (G S Blewett 102 no, M A Taylor 90, I A Healy 74, M J Slater 67).

England - Second Innings (Overnight: 220 for 6)

J P Crawley c and b M Waugh 71

(211 min, 152 balls, 5 fours)

P A J DeFreitas c Healy b M Waugh 88

(119 min, 95 balls, 9 fours, 2 sixes)

A R C Fraser c McDermott b M Waugh 5

(27 min, 11 balls)

D E Malcolm not out 10

(6 min, 4 balls, 1 four, 1 six)

P C R Tufnell lbw b Warne 0

(4 min, 3 balls)

Extras (b6,lb8) 14

Total (382 min, 94.5 overs) 328

Fall (cont): 7-270 (Crawley), 8-317 (Fraser), 9-317 (DeFreitas), 10-328 (Tufnell).

Bowling: McDermott 27-5-96-2 (nb1) (8-2-17-0, 5-2-11-1, 5-0-15-1, 7-1-24-0, 2-0-29-0); Fleming 11-3-37-1 (5-2-8-0, 4-1-11-1, 2-0-18-0); Warne 30.5-9-82-2 (10-4-27-0, 15-3-33-1, 4-2-9-0 1.5-0-13-1); M Waugh 14-4-40-5 (6-4-3-2, 3-0-16-0. 1-0-6-0, 4-0-15-3); McIntyre 8-0-36-0 (4-0-22-0, 1-0-5-0 ,3-0-9-0); Blewett 4-0-23-0 (one spell).

Progress: Fifth day: New ball taken after 85 overs at 249 for 6. 250: 336 min, 85.2 overs. 300: 363 min, 91 overs. Innings closed: 12.21pm.

Crawley's 50: 171 min, 117 balls, 2 fours.

DeFreitas's 50: 93 min, 72 balls, 4 fours, 1 six.

Australia - Second Innings *M A Taylor c Thorpe b Malcolm 13

(37 min, 32 balls, 2 fours)

M J Slater c Tufnell b Malcolm 5

(51 min, 29 balls)

D C Boon c Rhodes bFraser 4

(7 min, 7 balls, 1 four)

M E Waugh c Gatting bTufnell 24

(57 min, 33 balls, 3 fours)

S R Waugh b Malcolm 0

(1 min, 1 ball)

G S Blewett c Rhodes b Lewis 12

(73 min, 54 balls)

I A Healy not out 51

(167 min, 136 balls, 4 fours)

S K Warne lbw b Lewis 2

(17 min, 20 balls)

C J McDermott c Rhodes b Lewis 0

(2 min, 4 balls)

D W Fleming lbw b Lewis 24

(111 min, 66 balls, 2 fours)

P E McIntyre lbw b Malcolm 0

(9 min, 4 balls)

Extras (b3, lb5, nb13) 21

Total (274 min, 61.1 overs) 156

Fall: 1-17 (Taylor), 2-22 (Boon), 3-22 (Slater), 4-23 (S Waugh), 5-64 (M Waugh), 6-75 (Blewett), 7-83 (Warne), 8-83 (McDermott), 9-152 (Fleming), 10-156 (McIntyre).

Bowling: Malcolm 16.1-3-39-4 (nb2) (1-0-3-0, 6-1-13-3, 6-2-13-0, 3-0-10-0, 0.1-0-0-1); Fraser 12-1-37-1 (nb4) (2-0-10-0, 5-1-11-1, 3-0-10-0, 2-0-6-0); DeFreitas 11-3-31-0 (3-1-3-0, 5-2-19-0, 3-0-9-0); Lewis 13-4-24-4 (nb10) (2-0-6-0, 7-3-12-3, 4-1-6-1); Tufnell 9-3-17-1 (nb3) (4-1-5-1, 3-1-9-0, 2-1-3-0).

Progress: Fifth day: Lunch 16-0 (Taylor 13, Slater 3) 7 overs. 50: 96 min, 19.3 overs. Tea: 83 for 7 (Healy 10) 32.2 overs. 100: 172 min, 38.1 overs. 150: 247 min, 55.1 overs. Innings closed: 6.06pm, with 5.5 of the final 15 overs remaining.

Healy 50: 159 min, 128 balls, 4 fours.

Umpires: P D Parker and S Venkataraghavan.