Lomas laid low again: Table Tennis

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Lisa Lomas lost a repeat of the European final when she went down in straight games to Bettine Vriesekoop in Arezzo, Italy, yesterday, writes James Leigh. The England No 1 had been hoping to avenge her defeat by the Dutchwoman in Stuttgart nearly two years ago, but she was beaten 21-19, 21-16, 21-15 on the second day of the European Top 12 tournament. Lomas, who came home early from last week's Commonwealth Championships in Hyderabad feeling unwell, was again taken ill with a fever on the opening day of the Top 12, but continued with antibiotics and courageously scored a four-game victory over the former title holder Daniella Gergelcheva, of Bulgaria. The loss to Vriesekoop was followed by two more losses and Lomas ended with one win from five matches.