Lomu deal denied

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Reports that Leeds have signed the most sought-after rugby player of his era, Jonah Lomu, have been denied on both sides of the world.

The club's general manager, Mike Dooley, said that claims that Leeds had clinched a pounds 2.5m deal with Lomu were "inaccurate''.

"We have not signed him and as far as we are concerned we will not be signing him in the immediate future," Dooley said.

Lomu's manager, Phil Kingsley-Jones, also denied that a deal had been done. "It's true that Leeds have an interest...but Jonah's intention at the moment is to play rugby union. He wants to remain an All Black up to the next World Cup," he said.

Kingsley-Jones has also made it clear, however, that Lomu's remaining in union is dependent on the New Zealand Rugby Football Union coming up with a satisfactory financial package.

The suspicion now is that Lomu's camp will continue to play rival offers off against each other.