Maradona in more hot water

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Diego Maradona, already serving a 15-month playing ban after failing a drugs test at the World Cup, has been suspended from his coaching job with Racing Club by Argentina's football federation.

Maradona was banned after throwing a bag of water at a linesman and then insulted the match referee, Juan Bava, during a 0-0 draw with Independiente last Sunday.

He was told he could avoid the suspension by paying a £2,200 fine, but the former Argentinian World Cup captain, who could miss his team's next 16 matches, says he does not intend to pay.

Maradona lost his temper when a linesman failed to realise one of his players was waiting to go back on to the field of play after a minor injury.

"To get the linesman, who is deaf, to listen to me, I merely threw a little water at him," Maradona said.