Marshall and misfortune compound Booth's misery: Bowls

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Robert Marshall, from the Bainfield club in Edinburgh, completed a disappointing day for County Antrim's Neil Booth when he won the singles title 21-18 at the British Indoor Championships in Ballymoney.

Booth, who had also lost in yesterday's fours final, found himself trailing 12-7 after 14 ends but then picked up seven shots on the next four ends to lead 14-12.

Marshall countered with a double on the next end, and then disaster struck the 29-year-old Booth. On the next end he drove, the Irishman took his own bowl out of the head and dropped a maximum four to put Marshall 18- 14 ahead. A single six ends later clinched victory.

Booth, along with team-mates Michael Knutt, James Talbot and Sam Hall, lost the fours final 13-25 to the Scottish team of Billy Mellors, Kevin McFarlane, Jock Darling and Willie Galloway.

England's Ian Peacock, Chris Palmer and John Leeman from the Stanley club in Durham led from the opening end to take the triples with a 20- 12 victory over Scotland's Mark Allison, Jim Roxburgh and Stuart Pagan.

England led 9-6 after 11 ends but a three on the 12th end followed by a double gave them a commanding 14-6 lead.