McCall twice failed to take drugs test

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Oliver McCall frustrated drug testers not once, but twice - before and after Saturday's World Council heavyweight title defeat by Frank Bruno at Wembley Stadium.

It had been agreed by trainers George Benton and George Francis that McCall and Bruno would be urine-tested before the fight, as sometimes dehydration after a tough contest makes the process more difficult.

But the 30-year-old American preferred not to be pre-tested - as is his right - and could not give an adequate sample afterwards, although he seemed to believe everything was in order.

The British Board of Control sent a report to the World Council outlining Saturday's events and, as a result, McCall has been suspended by the Mexico City-based WBC.

The British board's chief medical officer, Adrian Whiteson, confirmed that it is not compulsory for fighters to take a drug test before the event. McCall, in fact, was not checked until after the two-round stoppage of Lennox Lewis which landed him the WBC crown nearly a year ago.