McGhee starts facing up to his responsibilities

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Mark McGhee's startling attack on his predecessors in the manager's chair at Molineux may have taken some people aback - but the sentiments expressed by the Wolves manager may well have sounded rather familiar to Leicester City supporters.

The voluble Scot added insult to Graham Taylor's injuries when he described the squad he inherited from the former England manager as "under-coached" and raised Graham Turner's hackles by dismissing the efforts of both Grahams combined as "10 wasted years".

He was offering this, one assumes, as an explanation to Wolves supporters for what happened last season, when a team threatened with relegation when he took over in December ended the campaign in precisely the same boat. He plans to apologise for his comments.

Interestingly, after quitting Reading in mid-season to supervise Leicester's plunge towards relegation from the Premiership, McGhee put forward a curiously similar defence, making cryptic references to "things that should have been done in pre-season" when, of course, Brian Little was in charge.

However, if he is quick to point out the failings of others, he is at least prepared to admit to his own errors. After losing at Norwich on Saturday, he blamed only himself. "I take full responsibility," he said. "I changed our system and it was a major mistake - but I'm only human."