Me and My Kit: Alison Nicholas, Solheim Cup golfer

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THE 14 clubs I carry are fairly conventional. I have a Yonex ADX driver with a graphite shaft and a graphite head. The shaft is one inch shorter than standard. My 3-wood and 4-wood are both made by Yonex from boron, and are about five years old. My irons are Yonex with forged heads and graphite shafts. My pitching wedge is made by Mizuno and has a steel shaft, as does my Ben Hogan sand wedge.

My putter is a Ping A blade. Normally I carry nine Dunlop Maxfli balls and change every six holes without fail. I use the type that are used in the UK or the US. I always have loads of white wooden tees. Mickey Walker (our captain) has given us all a can of 100 tees with our names on each one.

I carry three ball-markers, six gloves, a pair of mittens that are furlined and waterproof and one handwarmer. I prefer to use a tee to repair pitch marks. It's just good as a fork. I also carry some Elastoplast, a rule book, two spare towels in addition to the one hanging on the outside of my bag, aspirin, sunscreen when the weather is sunny, an all-weather waterproof hat and last, but by no means least, an umbrella.

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