Me and My Kit: Iuean Evans, Welsh rugby captain

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I carry two gumshields, the one I wear and a spare one in case of breakages, and two pairs of boots. I do not have extra laces or studs. During matches I wear a harness on my right shoulder, a relic of an injury, and I always have a spare one with me.

If I have not shaved on the morning of the match I carry shaving cream and aftershave to do so after the game. I have a towel, a big one, probably borrowed from the hotel where we are staying, clean underwear, swimming trunks, which I wear under my shorts instead of a jock strap.

I always have a tracksuit and a pair of trainers in my bag as well. I sometimes wear the tracksuit for press conferences immediately after the game. I did so last Wednesday after the midweek game against Italy in Cardiff, for example. The strip we wear is provided for us - the shirt, shorts and socks - so I do not need to bring that with me. We often swap our shirts with our opposite numbers. On Wednesday I swapped shirts with Marcello Cuttitta, the Italian left wing.

I used to have a personal stereo and headphones to listen to music on the team bus but I found I was always losing it. Also, my team-mates were borrowing all my tapes so I don't bother any more. Sometimes I will have a dinner suit with me plus a bow tie. It's ready-made, I'm afraid. I've never quite got the hang of tying my own bow tie.

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