Me and My Kit: Tony Allcock, bowls player

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First must come the bowls. I use a set of Henselite five-inch heavyweights with a medium bias. These were made for me personally in Australia about eight years ago. They are the only set I have and I use them indoors and out. My shoes, made by Welkin, are normal bowling shoes, brown or white, with a smooth, flat sole but leather-lined, which I find essential for comfort.

During the summer months, of course, I always carry waterproofs. Mine are made by Memsmorn. I find them the most effective, made of highest-quality material which keeps me dry but not over-warm. My whites, shirt, trousers and pullover, are all Henselite brand, which I endorse. I also pack a good supply of white cotton dusters, a 2ft-square chamois for wet weather, and a tube of Henselite Wilgrip, a gripping agent which I have only recently come across. Other items include chalk, when I remember, for marking touchers, two Prohawk bowls measures, and a pen for the scorecard.

I always have a couple of mascots, a teddy bear to me given by my wife Jossie, and an English lion. I always have a couple of packets of mints, and chewing gum to help concentration.

Tony Allcock, twice indoor world champion, is competing in the world championships at Worthing.

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