Meads and Hobbs left out in cold

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Rugby Union

The former All Black captains, Colin Meads and Jock Hobbs, failed to win places on the streamlined board of the New Zealand Rugby Football Union in elections yesterday.

Neither had enough votes to join the new nine-man board that replaces the previous 19-man council as the game's ruling body in New Zealand.

Hobbs' omission came as the biggest surprise, as he played a key role in last year's successful negotiations with the leading players over professional contracts.

"I would have put money on Jock being on the new board." Meads said. "It's a sad day for New Zealand rugby that he's missed out."

Meads admitted he always faced an uphill struggle, having to stand for election in the same zone as the chairman Richie Guy and the deputy chairman Rob Fisher, both of whom won places. He believed his fate was sealed last December when he was replaced as All Black manager and when the administrative change to a new board was approved.

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