Modahl runs 800m

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Diane Modahl will have her first track race for 21 months at a UK Women's League match in Edinburgh on Saturday.

The former Commonwealth champion, cleared of all drugs charges last month, is to run an 800 metres followed by a second-string 400m for her club, Sale.

It will be a significant step in Modahl's comeback, which she hopes will lead to a place in the Atlanta Olympics. She has competed in cross-country and road races, but not in her specialist event since failing to qualify for the 800m final at the European Championships in Helsinki in August, 1994.

The 29-year-old is planning some low-key races before stepping up to a 600m at the Welsh Games at Cardiff on 25 May, followed by 800m races at European meetings in Hengelo and Bratislava.

Modahl, who has made herself available for Britain's European Cup team in Madrid, said: "I'm excited to be competing again."