Moment of truth: Six witnesses describe their emotions as Europe won the Ryder Cup

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Philip Walton

The man who clinched the Cup

When I stood over my putt I knew I had two for it so I said to myself, "well, take two". But I had never felt pressure like that. I had two Walker Cups against the Americans as an amateur and they were tense, but nothing like I felt on Sunday. It wasn't nice but it was very satisfying at the finish. That was probably the hardest week of my life and all the practice in the world doesn't prepare you for the Ryder Cup.

Jay Haas

The American who lost to Walton

I was pretty devastated because I knew it was all over and we were beaten. As soon as I conceded Philip's putt, the reality hit me. We had come so close and if I had been able to pull it off by winning the last three holes, there would have been 13 very happy Americans. I immediately thought, "I've cherished every minute of this week. This is what it is all about, we work all our lives to get into a position like this." I accepted the European jubilation OK - they deserve that. But I knew there were going to be a lot of deep breaths in our locker-room. Our team was so subdued, and that is something I will never forget.

Sam Torrance

European player

My immediate reaction was "we've done it". Philip had two putts from around 15 feet and the ball was never going to finish more than six inches away. It was such a relief to think we'd actually won. It was a fantastic feeling but the whole week was unbelievable, something I'll never forget.

Lesley Gallacher

Bernard Gallacher's wife

I was with Carmen Ballesteros, and Seve was there and Woosie's caddie, Wobbly, was in my lap and I remember holding on to him. It was just too much, unbelievable, and when it was over I remember hugging Jill Faldo, Nick, Seve, everybody; I went round the whole lot. Manuel Pinero broke down in tears, so many broke down it was frightening. Later the wives had to walk out together for the closing ceremony. My feelings of joy were subdued because of my feelings for Penny Wadkins. Penny and Lanny [the US Ryder Cup captain] are good friends of ours and I knew how she felt. We had to walk out together, I just linked arms with her and said, "I'm comfortable with this, are you?" At the moment of the putt, though, it was total joy. I haven't come down to earth yet; it's still with me all the time.

Philip 'Wobbly' Morbey

Ian Woosnam's caddie

We just wanted to congratulate Philip. He did so well to hang in there and my immediate feeling was that we had won it again. I get so excited about the Ryder Cup that Woosie has to hold me back. But it was a brilliant week, one of the best of my life, second only to winning the Masters in 1991. What made it even more exciting was that we were underdogs.

Bernard Gallacher

European Ryder Cup captain

The team were on the other side of the green from me. When Philip had hit the putt I managed to get to him first. I was captain so I had to get there first, that's the way it should be. I was the quickest, his wife was right behind me. You see nothing had been going easy at that stage. Haas holed a bunker shot, Philip missed a putt on the 17th. We did not want Philip to go through the agony of having to finish on the 18th but it just seems these Ryder Cups are stage-managed to end there.