Moses Kiptanui threatens to boycott Kenyan Olympic training camp

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Moses Kiptanui, the world record-holder steeplechaser, and a group of fellow middle and distance runners are threatening to lead a boycott of the Kenyan Olympic training camp planned for Missisippi, saying the venue would make them dehydrated and exert more pressure on their training programmes.

US OLYMPIC TRIALS (Atlanta, top three qualify) Men: 3,000m steeplechase: 1 M Croghan 8min 18.80sec; 2 R Gary 8:19.26; 3 M Davis 8:20.73; 4 T Nohilly 8:21.70. 5,000m: 1 B Kennedy 13:46.17; 2 M Gusto 13:56.69; 3 R Harris 13:57.49; 4 J Spivey 13:58.81. Women: 10,000m: 1 K Fonshell 32:37.9; 2 O Appell 32:43.79; 3 J Nesbit 32:46.77; 4 L Nelson 33:05.03.