Motor Racing: British fans are denied IndyCars

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A PLAN to stage an IndyCar exhibition race at Brands Hatch in October has been vetoed by team owners after objections from Formula One representatives.

John Chuhran, the director of IndyCar media relations, confirming the decision, said here yesterday: 'Two weeks ago the IndyCar team owners approved going to Brands Hatch. You could count the owners who were in disagreement or on the fence about going on one hand, and have fingers to spare. Then last Thursday there were was a board of directors' meeting and in that meeting the plan to go to Brands Hatch was vetoed.'

Chuhran added that Fisa's Bernie Ecclestone and Max Moseley, and Tony George, the president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 'in particular, blocked the event'.

Meanwhile, the issue of Nigel Mansell's future in IndyCar appears closer to resolution. Yesterday Mansell said: 'I'm in very, very fruitful negotiations. I'd like to stay here and be afforded the opportunity to race as productively as I've done this year.'