Motor Racing: Mansell faces a medical

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NIGEL MANSELL, whose Indianapolis 500 challenge ended with an unlikely accident Sunday, faces a medical examination before being allowed to drive in the next IndyCar race, the Milwaukee Mile next week. It should not pose him a problem.

'I have a sprained shoulder and neck and am nauseated still with a splitting headache,' Mansell said yesterday. 'I could not drive today or tomorrow and I will see what the doctors say on Wednesday about Milwaukee.

''I'm still very shaken and shocked by what happened. I'm very disillusioned and angry. Apparently the engine was crushed and the roll-bar smashed. I've never had anything like this before happen to me. It should not have happened.'

Mansell remained intensely angry about the circumstances in which Denis Vitolo drove into the back of his car and bounced it up almost on to Mansell's head.

'The guy had brain failure. To hit me like that in the pit-lane when we were following the pace car and the yellow had already been out for two laps because marshalls were on the track clearing debris.'

Mansell drew support for his plea to have 'Sunday drivers' excluded from the race from the head of the winning team, Roger Penske.

Penske, whose team celebrated victory on Sunday when Al Unser Jnr took the chequered flag, said yesterday that limits should be imposed on occasional drivers at the prestige event for safety reasons.

'When we first came here, it was a requirement that we would run on an oval once or twice prior to coming here,' he said. 'Today people can buy a ride and so they come here motivated to do that. They are not familiar with flag procedures, how to make a pit stop.'