Motor Racing: Mansell passes rookie test: Mansell returns after surgery to pass his driving test for the Indy 500

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NIGEL MANSELL steers his Lola-Ford Cosworth out of the pits during his rookie test at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway yesterday. The Formula One world champion passed with flying colours.

The 39-year-old Briton, still recovering from recent back surgery, breezed through his trial quicker than any previous driver in the memory of the track chief steward, Tom Binford.

Mansell completed five 10-lap segments around the oval track at progressive speeds starting in the 185-190mph (297-306kph) range. During his final run, Mansell produced a fast lap of 218.547mph (351.707kph).

'I don't remember anybody going through the test that fast,' Binford said of the veteran driver who switched to IndyCars this year and will race in the Indy 500 on 30 May.