Motor Racing: Patrese bows to Mansell

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HALF a season remains, but even Riccardo Patrese, the one man theoretically equipped to beat him, concedes that nobody can prevent Nigel Mansell winning the Formula One world championship this time, writes Derick Allsop from Silverstone.

Mansell goes into Sunday's British Grand Prix here with a 32- point lead over Patrese, his Williams team-mate. He has accumulated six wins in the process and few, least of all the Italian, expect anything other than a British- record 28th victory for Mansell in this race.

Patrese said: 'Nobody can stop Nigel now. We have a good technical situation and there is more to come. After the first four races I didn't think I could win it and now he is so far ahead of course he must win it.'

Mansell's victory in France last Sunday was made simpler when Patrese waved him through, a gesture made 'for the good of the team' but with no great relish by the driver. 'I think I deserve at least a win this season and I have eight chances to get one,' Patrese said. 'I'll take my opportunity when it comes along. My motivation is still very high. Anything can happen here, it is a long race, but Nigel is always very strong here.'

Mansell has urged Williams to keep the same driver line-up for next season and Patrese echoed his sentiments. He said: 'We work well together. If the team is winning the sensible thing to do is to keep it together. If you are in a team that is winning and you have a nice atmosphere, that's the basis of success. I have told Frank Williams what I feel but a good team manager is looking to all the options.'