Motor Racing: Schumacher sees black again on his trip around Silverstone

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MICHAEL SCHUMACHER came round the final bend at Silverstone yesterday to confront the image from his nightmares: a black flag. The German, who said he did not see the signal during July's British Grand Prix and incurred a two-race suspension, had no problems this time and returned to the pits, writes Derick Allsop.

His latest run-in with authority came as one of several professional drivers taking boggle-eyed punters round the circuit in aid of the Grand Prix Mechanics' Trust, a charity providing for the sport's less- wealthy personnel in time of need. This time, he had neglected to wear a crash helmet and was ordered to put one on.

Schumacher resumes the title campaign one point ahead of Damon Hill, another of yesterday's chauffeurs. Schumacher, half a second faster than Hill in testing at Estoril last week, declared himself optimistic. 'The test went very well for us and after that I am very confident. I think it will work out the right way for us.'

Hill, questioned about Nigel Mansell's role as his partner for the last three races, said: 'I'm going to win all three races.' Mansell takes over from David Coulthard and hopes for a full-time return to Formula One. Hill said: 'If I can give some advice to Nigel it would probably be 'knock it on the head, and go and play golf'.'

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