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Michael Schumacher (Ger). Age: 26. GPs: 52. Wins: 10. Championships: 1.

Johnny Herbert (GB). Age: 30. GPs: 63. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

After the controversies of last year, the British-based team are looking for a trouble-free season and the constructor's title that eluded them. Herbert should strengthen their cause and provide the champion, Schumacher, with the support he needs. The switch to Renault engines has entailed some inevitable problems and they may be slightly vulnerable in the early stages of the season.


Damon Hill (GB). Age: 34. GPs: 34. Wins: 9. Championships: 0.

David Coulthard (GB). Age: 23. GPs: 8. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Frank Williams' troops have wintered well and Hill, in particular, has been hugely impressive in testing. The car seems fast and reliable, and Hill will be anxious to take the early initiative in the championship. Coulthard can expect to progress through the course of the season and ensure a formidable challenge to Benetton.


Jean Alesi (Fr). Age: 30. GPs: 85. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Gerhard Berger (Aut). Age: 35. GPs: 163. Wins: 9. Championships: 0.

Every year they and all Italy return in hope, and every year they go back disappointed. That has been the trend recently, so we should treat with caution suggestions that this time may be different. But the resources are there, the driver line-up is strong and the flame still glows. Maybe, just maybe . . .


Nigel Mansell (GB). Age: 41. GPs: 185. Wins: 31. Championships: 1.

Mika Hkkinen (Fin). Age: 26. GPs: 48. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Mark Blundell (GB). Age: 28. GPs: 46. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

A revolutionary car, incorporating a fixed central wing, another new engine partner and the signing of Mansell have focused attention on the team's preparations - and highlighted the problems. Few expect the former champions to mount a genuine bid for the title this year, but once the drivers are sitting comfortably they should begin to make significant improvements.


Rubens Barrichello (Bra). Age: 22. GPs: 31. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Eddie Irvine (GB). Age: 29. GPs: 15. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Eddie Jordan's merry men have arrived on the heels of the Big Four and are optimistic about making it the Big Five this year. Peugeot's resources and ambitions, rejected by McLaren, should help the Silverstone team graduate. The car again looks neat and quick, the drivers are on that upward curve and the indications in testing have been promising.


Ukyo Katayama (Japan). Age: 31. GPs: 46. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Mika Salo (Fin). Age: 28. GPs: 2. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Another team who have shown up impressively during the winter testing. Good car/engine combination and if Katayama can withstand the pressure he should have some useful results.


Aguri Suzuki (Japan). Age: 34. GPs: 59. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Martin Brundle (GB). Age: 35. GPs: 131. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Olivier Panis (Fr). Age: 28. GPs: 16. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

The combined resources of Benetton's sister team and the Japanese engine- makers should produce a competitive car and Panis looks a star in the making.


Karl Wendlinger (Aut). Age: 26. GPs: 35. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Heinz-Harald Frentzen (Ger). Age: 27. GPs: 15. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Good to see Wendlinger back after a serious accident last year and the package, including the Ford Cosworth, ought to give them the extra momentum they need.


Pierluigi Martini (It). Age: 34. GPs: 110. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Luca Badoer (It). Age: 24. GPs: 12. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

A team who have often shown up well and seemed on the verge of a breakthrough but budget limitations always tend to undermine their prospects.


Gianni Morbidelli (It). Age: 27. GPs: 50. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Taki Inoue (Japan). Age: 31. GPs: 1. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

A team always striving to shake off the also-rans but they may again have to set their sights on the lower points rather than the podium.


Eric Helary (Fr). Age: 28. GPs: 0. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Christophe Bouchut (Fr). Age: 28. GPs: 0. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

A team many thought would go under but they soldier on and may have to win a few more battles for survival in the months ahead.


Jos Verstappen (Neth). Age: 23. GPs: 10. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Hideki Noda (Japan). Age: 26. GPs: 3. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Domenico Schiattarella (It). Age: 27. GPs: 2. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

The Banbury team have come through a traumatic first year and hope to establish themselves among the regular midfield runners this season.


Bertrand Gachot (Bel). Age: 32. GPs: 36. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Andrea Montermini (It). Age: 30. GPs: 0. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

The "Lotus" tag may have little significance but the car and engine combination looks promising and the whole team operation appears to be much more sound this year.


Pedro Paulo Diniz (Bra). Age: 24. GPs: 0. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

*Roberto Moreno (Bra). Age: 36. GPs: 25. Wins: 0. Championships: 0.

Formula One's newest team, experienced though they are in Formula 3000, face the inevitable uphill struggle. Qualifying will be the first task for the Italian outfit.

*to be confirmed for full season