Canada triumph won't change Button approach

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Jenson Button is adamant the best grand prix victory of his Formula One career will not change him in the slightest.

Button produced a stunning performance in Montreal 10 days ago when he came from 21st and last in a rain-affected race to grab the win.

In the build up the 31-year-old was involved in collisions with McLaren team-mate Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, had a drive-through penalty and made five other pit stops to boot.

A race of attrition ultimately paid dividends when Sebastian Vettel made a mistake on the final lap, just three kilometres from home, that allowed a charging Button through to take the chequered flag.

Button, who allowed himself a break in Los Angeles and Las Vegas by way of a celebration, knows such a triumph makes no odds to him.

"It won't change anything, the way I drive, the way I work with the team. I've been very happy all season," said Button.

"It's not going to make me a better driver - I'm not saying I'm a perfect driver - but I don't think I will suddenly become any more confident.

"That happened two years ago after I won the world title. The only thing I can say is that I've smiled to myself a lot more after the victory."

The win did catapult Button up to second in the standings, albeit 60 points adrift of reigning champion Vettel whose error came down to the pressure being brought to bear from the Briton.

As Button remarked, such a mistake was the slice of good fortune he feels has been lacking all season for McLaren.

"I felt that in the couple of races before Canada we were a bit unlucky and that maybe we should have challenged for more wins," added Button.

"In Monaco we had that victory in the bag, but it didn't work out for us. It wasn't our day.

"So that bit of luck at the end, with Sebastian making a mistake, I think we fully deserved it. The whole team did.

"In the last three races now, as a team, we've proved we have pace in the race.

"But we just found we'd not had that last little bit - which is luck. In Canada we definitely got the luck at the end."

There is no guaranteeing such luck will continue in this weekend's European Grand Prix in Valencia where Vettel won last year.

However, the picture may alter considerably as from Sunday's race onwards as the FIA are to ban teams from changing the engine mapping between qualifying and a grand prix.

There are many technical experts who believe the use of an extreme engine map - such as burning more fuel to increase performance - is the cause of Red Bull's one-lap dominance this season.

In then opting for a safer mode for the race, it is why McLaren and Ferrari are able to keep pace and at least push the Red Bulls to the line.

From the British Grand Prix the FIA are poised to ban the use of off-throttle blown diffusers, another performance-enhancing device that uses hot air from exhaust gases when a driver is not on the accelerator.

Assessing the situation, Button said: "There's a lot happening this year in terms of the regulations.

"It could go our way, it might not, we'll have to see. Qualifying is still not there for us, but in the race we can race anyone wherever we go."