F1: It’s a long shot, but victory in Hungary makes me think Lewis Hamilton can win the world title

To add to the excitement, the upcoming tracks suit Hamilton

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As a romantic, I refuse to accept that things are over until they really are over, and there are nine more grands prix to be run this year. That means a maximum of 225 points are available.

In the first 10 races of the year Lewis Hamilton’s average score was 12.4 to Sebastian Vettel’s 17.2. But while both drivers have scored in 90 per cent of their races, the Red Bulls have delivered solid performances all the time. Only recently have Mercedes really begun to get a handle on their tyre usage.

If what they demonstrated in Hungary does not prove false, and they can keep turning pole position-winning performances into race-winning displays, as Hamilton did last weekend, and if his team-mate Nico Rosberg can regain the form that has dipped since his win at Silverstone, then Mercedes could have an outside chance with Hamilton.

Formula One needed Hamilton’s victory as well. Had Vettel beaten him into second place on Sunday we would have all headed into the mid-season break with a sense of inevitability about the second half of the campaign.

As it is, there is a slightly unexpected sense of anticipation.

To add to the excitement, the upcoming tracks suit Hamilton – Belgium, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, India, Abu Dhabi, America and Brazil – and will fit a car that has been quick over one lap at all sorts of circuit thus far. It’s a long shot, for sure. But if their tyre performance on Sunday is now an accurate guide, the title is a possibility.