F1: Toro Rosso nose likened to a sex toy by lingerie makers Ann Summers

The company posted a picture on Twitter of the SRT9 and claimed it appears to have been inspired by one of their sex toy collections

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Toro Rosso unveiled their latest model, the SRT9, on Monday evening ahead of the first week of pre-season testing in Jerez to draw attention across the globe due to their new ‘anteater’ nose design, but there was one company that noticed a hint of inspiration had come from one of their products.

Lingerie makers Ann Summers took to their Twitter account to compare the elongated nosecone to one of their sex toy collections, and it has to be said that the resemblance is uncanny.

The post read: “So it looks like Toro Rosso have taken inspiration from our sex toy collections #collaborationopportunity”, along with a close-up of the SRT9’s nose (originally taken by motor racing journalist Adam Cooper.

In a sport of cutting-edge technology, where the difference between victory and failure is decided by the slimmest of margins, Toro Rosso are unlikely to have considered during the design phase that their front-end resembles a fake penis.

But unfortunately for drivers Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniil Kvyat, it appears they will be competing in 2014 with carbon fibre genitalia on the front of their contender.

Watch the launch of the Toro Rosso SRT9 below: