Ferrari's future F1 car chimes with Adrian Newey's call for change

Red Bull's design guru has criticised the 'restrictive' nature of the sport

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On the day Red Bull design guru Adrian Newey criticised the “restrictive” nature of Formula One regulations, Ferrari unveiled their concept car of the future, which looks anything but restrictive.

“Our challenge was to create something that was better looking”, Ferrari admitted, but the team also claimed that despite the tightness of the technical rules, the car “could be made without having to overturn [them]”.

These rules are the reason Red Bull’s chief technical officer has decided to take a back seat this season and instead help Sir Ben Ainslie design a yacht to challenge for the America’s Cup.

The man who helped guide Red Bull to four successive world titles said: “You can always improve, but the problem is the limitation of the regulations, so much so the car is designed for you. F1 should be a blend of driver, chassis and engine, but the regulations have swung too much in favour of the engine, combined with a restrictive set of chassis regulations.

“As the engine manufacturer has the benefit, it’s difficult for the chassis manufacturer to make enough of a difference to overturn that.”

New ideas were up for discussion at an F1 Commission meeting in Geneva today.