Fogarty returns for supermoto race

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Carl Fogarty, four-times the World Superbike champion, is making a return to competitive racing in a discipline which does not affect the shoulder injury that forced his retirement last year. The supermoto event, which combines on and off-road riding, will take place through the Belgium town of Mettet in October.

Fogarty was forced to call an end to his domination of the World Superbike scene after a 140mph crash in Australia shattered his humerus. However, on the more upright supermoto bikes, he will not need to adopt the tucked racing position that the injury prevented him from achieving. "I have spent a lot of time practising and I know more about suspension and tyre set-up for them than I ever did about superbikes," Fogarty said. "And I know that I'll be just as competitive and want to ride as fast as I can, even though it's not my sport.

"With my shoulder injury it's the only real racing that I can do at the moment. I can't ride superbikes since the accident because of the position I need to get in. But a supermoto is more upright so it's not so much of a problem and I work different parts of the body," he added.

The supermoto event is scheduled for 13 and 14 October and Fogarty will take part in an invitation event that could also feature current superbike riders such as Troy Corser and Fogarty's Ducati protégé Ruben Xaus, along with motorcross experts Joel Smets and Stefan Everts. The top few riders from that race will then take on regular European supermoto championship riders.

Fogarty will be riding a 604E, built by the Blackburn-based manufacturers CCM, of which his wife, Michaela, is a shareholder and is believed to be considering competing in further selected events in the European championship.